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True Grit Trail Exhibits at the Arkansas River Valley Library in Dardanelle, Arkansas

In September, 2021, the Yell County Historical Society will launch a series of free 60-day exhibits, each featuring a range of interesting and entertaining stories about True Grit such as…


• Factual details of where and when the story took place

• The story of how the present day True Grit Trail came to be

• Bass Reeves: Was he the model for The Lone Ranger?

• Criminals that faced Judge Isaac Parker

• The story of the errors in each of the True Grit movies

• Historic Fort Smith

• Trains along the True Grit trail

• Historic Dardanelle

• Firearms in the True Grit era

• Charles Portis, the author of True Grit

• Travel on the Arkansas River in the True Grit era

• Historic trains of Arkansas

• Bass Reeves: The model for Rooster Cogburn

• Butterfield Stage line along the True Grit Trail

• Glen Campbell's Arkansas

• The Trail of Tears along the True Grit Trail

• Newspapers of the True Grit Trail

• The story of Judge Isaac Parker, "The Hanging Judge"

• The book, True Grit, becomes two movies

• The filming of the 1969 True Grit movie

• The filming of the 2010 True Grit movie

• Old west books in Arkansas

• Other Charles Portis works

Exhibits will be located in the True Grit Trail Community Room at the Arkansas River Valley Library.

For further details contact the library at:

The Arkansas River Valley Regional Library—Dardanelle 


Exhibits are compliments of the Yell County Historical Society and the Arkansas River Valley Regional Library system.