A Trail is Born

In the words of Mattie Ross, “Here is what happened” in 2019, as constituents approached Mary Bentley, State Representative for district 73 which includes Dardanelle.

Representative Bentley filed House Bill 1628, an act to create the True Grit Trail on February 28. HB1628 was co-sponsored by State senators Gary Stubblefield and Matthew Pitsch, representatives Justin Boyd, Cindy Crawford, Jay Richardson, Jon Eubanks, and Lee Johnson and passed through both chambers without a single nay vote 135-0, on March 14, 2019. Governor Asa Hutchinson signed the act on March 20.


True Grit Trail became a project of the Yell County Historical Society on September 21, 2020 which is registered as a 501c3 organization in Arkansas.

State Senator Gary Stubblefield; State Representative Mary Bentley; Volunteer Tom Berryhill.

Making it Official

March 20, 2019 - Governor Asa Hutchinson signs the True Grit Trail Bill.

L-R: Len Cotton, Avis Cotton (Parents of US Senator Tom Cotton); State Senator Gary Stubblefield; House Representative Mary Bentley; Governor Asa Hutchinson; John T. Wayne; State Representative Lee Johnson.