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Upcoming Meeting Dates 

February 19—Dardanelle Mayor Jimmy Witt will talk about the city's preparation for the eclipse, coming on April 8th.

March 18t—Yell County Judge Jeff Gilkey will provide an update on the County preparation for the eclipse as well as progress on replacing the Dale Bend bridge.

April 15Dardanelle High School EAST Lab students will present some of their community projects.

May 20thBobby Gene Willis is a mathematician from Dardanelle. He worked on the Red Stone Rocket program for the U.S. Army, and the B-52 Bomber program. He also contributed to building the earliest computers and unmanned aircraft.

The Mission of the Yell County Historical Society is to promote individual and general interest in the history of Yell County. We collect, preserve and publish pertinent information concerning Yell County history.

YCHS works to identify historical sites and landmarks. Many of the historical markers you see in Yell County were paid for and installed by the Yell County Historical Society. We conduct tours of historical sites and prepare articles for magazines, bulletins and books. YCHS is the parent organization of the True Grit Trail project. Of particular interest is demonstrating to all the importance and value of learning about individuals and events that have affected life in Yell County.


Each meeting features a guest expert speaker on a component of the colorful history of Yell County.

Meetings—3rd Monday of each month.

Time—7:00 pm

Location—Family Life Center at the Dardanelle Methodist Church

Locust & 2nd Streets.

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